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Need a Thermo-well Meter Tap Installation?

IFT Thermo-well meter tap inserting is one of the many services offered by International Flow Technologies, Inc. It involves the installation of temperature sensing wells into existing systems without a shutdown. IFT can provide thermo-wells and/or install your thermo-wells without an interruption of service. A number of thermo-well models are available for a wide range of temperature applications, pressures, and types of lines. Monitoring equipment available varies from basic on-line thermo-meters to high tech microprocessor temperature controllers.

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Need a Flowmeter Meter Tap Installed?

1) Choose a location on the pipe where a distance of 10 diameters up-stream and 5 diameters down-stream of the meter provide no flow disturbance. Pipe bends, valves or other fittings, and pipe enlargements and reductions should not be present in this area of the pipe.

2) The preferred location of a meter on a horizontal pipe is on top, or not more than 45 degrees from top dead center. The meter should never be located at the bottom of the pipe, as sediment may collect and disrupt accuracy or damage the meter. Locations off of top dead center will cause impeller friction to increase, which may affect the meter's performance at low flow rates. Any location is correct for installations on vertical pipelines.

3) An insertion depth of 1-1/2" for pipe sizes of 2.5" and larger is required for various meter mounting configurations to ensure accuracy.

4) Alignment of the meter’s impeller rotation parallel to flow is important.

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